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Holding Prosecutors Accountable in Wrongful Convictions

The story is all too familiar. Michael Morton, a Texas father, served almost 24 years in prison for a crime–a brutal murder of his beloved wife–that he did not commit. He was freed after DNA testing indicated he was not … Continue reading

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Texas Exoneration Evokes Inquiry

Michael Morton, who served nearly 25 years in prison after being convicted for the 1986 murder of his wife, was officially exonerated on December 26, 2011. Morton had been sentenced to serve life in prison. At the time that he … Continue reading

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Former Dallas DA: I convicted an innocent man

Today, the Dallas Morning News ran an editorial by James A. Fry, a former Assistant District Attorney who prosecuted Charles Chatman for aggravated rape.  Mr. Chatman was convicted but conclusively exonerated by DNA evidence 27 years later.  Mr. Fry, who … Continue reading

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