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Will Pennsylvania Supreme Court Consider U.S. Supreme Court Message?

If you saw someone commit a crime, would you be able to describe them accurately if questioned after the fact? Did you know that 75% of all wrongful convictions that occur within the United States stem from faulty eyewitness testimony, … Continue reading

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New Bill in Florida Proposes Double-Blind Lineups

In what is a terrific step forward in reducing wrongful convictions resulting from eyewitness misidentification, the Florida State Senate unanimously passed a bill submitted by Sen. Joe Negron that requires double-blind lineups in all criminal investigations. Senate Bill 1206, also … Continue reading

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NJ Supreme Court Explores the Reliability of Witness Identification

Larry Henderson claims that Camden, NJ police influenced a witness’ identification of him as an accomplice in the shooting of Rodney Harper, for which Henderson was convicted in 2004. Now, the New Jersey Supreme Court will examine whether courts and … Continue reading

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Texas Senate Passes Bill Codifying Lineup Procedures

The Texas Senate passed a bill that would require police to adopt written policies when conducting live and photo identification lineups. This is a big step in helping to reduce wrongful convictions, as without proper policies, investigators can sometimes lead … Continue reading

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Update: Prosecution Appeals a Special Jury Instruction Regarding Eyewitness Identification

A few weeks ago, we wrote about a Florida armed-robbery trial that was set to include special jury instruction regarding eyewitness identification. Now, prosecutors wish to block a measure that could influence public opinion about the accuracy of eyewitness identification … Continue reading

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“A sad case of the wrong guy locked up”: VA Man Hopes to Be Released After 27 Years

Cleared by DNA in two of the cases for which he’s been charged, Thomas Haynesworth has spent 27 years in prison for rape and other attacks, maintaining his innocence all the while. He is unable to be cleared of two … Continue reading

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