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New International Wrongful Convictions Blog Debuts

Launched today, the Wrongful Convictions Blog covers any and all issues–wherever they arise in the world–related to the problem of wrongful conviction of the innocent. Edited by scholars, scientists, and attorneys, involved in the exoneration of the innocent the blog … Continue reading

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“Under the right conditions even you could falsely confess to a crime:” False confessions getting more attention in the mainstream press

There have been a lot of articles appearing recently about false confessions – it seems that quite a few major news outlets have been trying to raise awareness of the frequency and causes of false confessions. This guest post on … Continue reading

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Why Not Just Test the DNA?

On March 7, the Supreme Court decided Skinner v. Switzer and held that death-row inmate Henry Skinner may bring a claim in federal court under civil rights law 42 U.S.C. § 1983. Skinner is attempting to challenge a Texas law … Continue reading

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Pa. Superior Court Approves DNA Testing for Robert Conway

In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, those convicted of crimes can have DNA evidence tested post-conviction if the perpetrator’s identity was at issue during the trial and DNA testing would establish prove the defendant is “actually innocent.”  Norristown man Robert Conway, convicted … Continue reading

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New Jersey Special Master Calls for Major Overhaul of Eyewitness Evidence

For several months, a court in New Jersey held hearings at the request of the New Jersey Supreme Court to “test the current validity” of New Jersey’s standards on the admissibility of eyewitness identification. The hearings took place over a … Continue reading

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Prosecutor: “…we convicted the wrong guy, and that’s terrifying,”

In a recent editorial in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Linda Campbell profiled the case of a prosecutor who did everything right, but still wound up sending an innocent man to prison. According to Campbell’s report, Brooks Harrington, an ordained minister … Continue reading

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