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Colorado District Attorneys Seek to Help Victims of Wrongful Conviction

A little more than half of the country–27 states, to be exact–provide some sort of compensation to those who have been wrongfully imprisoned for crimes they did not commit. Colorado is currently not included in that number. Some of the … Continue reading

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Compensation for Wrongfully Convicted Canadians Exceeds US

This past week, wrongfully convicted Quebec man Rejean Hinse received $13.1 million from Canadian federal and provincial governments as compensation for five years spent in prison for robbery in the 1960s. Hinse received the largest settlement currently on record, but … Continue reading

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Wrongfully Convicted DC Men Receive $1.9M

Joseph Eastridge and Joseph Sousa were convicted and imprisoned after a 1974 murder in Northwest Washington, DC – a murder that neither of them committed. Now, after a settlement with the Department of Justice, these men will receive $1.9 million … Continue reading

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After Exoneration, Drew Whitley Appeals Compensation Ruling

In 2006, Drew Whitley of Braddock, PA was cleared of a second-degree murder charge with help from The Innocence Institute of Point Park University. He had served over sixteen years for the murder of McDonald’s manager Noreen Malloy, though DNA … Continue reading

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NY Exoneree Receives $3.5M in Post-Conviction Settlement

Wrongly convicted in 1989 for the 1985 rape and murder of 16-year-old Kimberly Simon, 44-year-old Steven Barnes was exonerated in January of 2009 after The Innocence Project worked to clear him through DNA testing. Now, two years later and after … Continue reading

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