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PA Senate Votes to Expand DNA Testing in Crimes

Currently in the state of Pennsylvania, you must submit a DNA sample taken from the inside of your cheek after being convicted of a serious felony. However, legislation sponsored by Senate Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi will soon change this, allowing … Continue reading

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Former San Quentin Warden Pushes to End Death Penalty

Imagine working day in and day out to uphold punishment you find morally repugnant. Now that is commitment to your career. And that is what Jeanne Woodford endured for the 26 years she worked at San Quentin State Prison in … Continue reading

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Pennsylvania Lawmakers Consider Restitution for the Wrongly Convicted

You have just been exonerated after DNA evidence has proven you innocent after a wrongful conviction. You are now a free person, but you have no money, no collateral…you have nothing. Who is going to pay the years lost in … Continue reading

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San Francisco Moves to Change Eyewitness Identification Procedures

In an effort to address challenges presented by traditional eyewitness identification procedures, San Francisco is changing its methods. Under the present system in the city, witnesses are presented with so-called “six-packs” of photos of suspects. Or, less commonly, physical lineups … Continue reading