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Dallas Man Released after 27 Years in Prison

Texan Johnny Pinchback was released from prison last Thursday after serving 27 years of a 99-year sentence. Pinchback was wrongfully convicted of raping two teenage girls in 1984, but with the help of the Innocence Project of Texas, DNA testing … Continue reading

Case Update: Freedom for Debra Brown!

Last Monday, Debra Brown was released from prison after being declared factually innocent of the 1993 murder of her friend and boss Lael Brown. Judge Michael DiReda awarded Brown $570,780 in compensation for her time spent in prison, of which … Continue reading

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Dallas’ Conviction Integrity Unit

Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina’s NBC affiliate recently produced this segment about Dallas County’s Conviction Integrity Unit and the work that they have done since their founding to exonerate the wrongfully convicted. The video features an interview with District Attorney Craig Watkins, … Continue reading

State Senator Planning Legislation to Extend Time Limits on Post-Conviction Appeals

Currently, Pennsylvania has one of the toughest policies dictating when defendants can file post-conviction appeals – those based on non-DNA evidence must be filed within 60 days of the evidence’s discovery. Now, though, there’s hope that this deadline will be … Continue reading

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Further Outrage over Connick v. Thompson Ruling

A Supreme Court ruling back in March involving a falsely convicted man, John Thompson, continues to evoke criticism as retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens spoke last Monday urging Congress to pass legislation to hold District Attorneys liable for … Continue reading

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Victory in Non-DNA Exoneration Case In Utah

On Monday, Debra Brown was found factually innocent of the murder of her boss and friend, Lael Brown, which occurred on Saturday, November 6, 1993. Debra Brown was the first person to discover the body, and had a key to … Continue reading