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In Detroit, “Science does not trump the testimony of individuals.”

DNA proves that Karl Vinson didn’t commit the rape for which he’s spent the last 25 years in prison. Yet he’s still incarcerated because, according to Assistant Wayne County Prosecutor Marilyn Eisenbraun, “Science does not trump the testimony of individuals.” … Continue reading

Compensation for Wrongfully Convicted Canadians Exceeds US

This past week, wrongfully convicted Quebec man Rejean Hinse received $13.1 million from Canadian federal and provincial governments as compensation for five years spent in prison for robbery in the 1960s. Hinse received the largest settlement currently on record, but … Continue reading

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Why Pennsylvania Needs to Record Interrogations

We’ve often written about false confessions, and how police recording interrogation sessions would reduce the number of wrongful convictions in Pennsylvania. Last week, attorney Peter Vaira brought up these same issues in an opinion piece in the Philadelphia Inquirer. Vaira … Continue reading

Virginia Supreme Court Considering Writ of Actual Innocence

Sentenced to 82 years in prison for the 1995 murder of college student Jennifer Evans, former Navy SEAL trainee Dustin Turner may finally have his conviction overturned now that another man has confessed that he alone committed the crime. Turner, … Continue reading

Student Reflections on Visiting PIP Clients in Prison

Two of our law students traveled to SCI-Mahanoy to meet with two potential Pennsylvania Innocence Project clients. We asked them to write a blog post about their experience. JC: When I first started volunteering with the Innocence Project, I was … Continue reading

Declared “Actually Innocent” But Still in Prison

In May 1999, Philadelphian Terrance Lewis was sentenced to life imprisonment for his role in the August 6, 1996, second-degree murder of Bernard Howard. Mr. Howard was killed after 3 men broke into his home and shot him in the … Continue reading

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