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Washington Post Article Calls Attention to the Need for Standardized Policies on Post-Conviction DNA Testing

Henry Skinner was 45 minutes away from lethal injection when he received a stay of execution to decide whether to test DNA evidence that could possibly overturn his 1995 murder conviction. Skinner was convicted of the 1993 murders of his … Continue reading

Attorney in Florida Robbery Case Asks for Special Instructions on Eyewitness Identification

Robbery suspect Markis Smith goes to trial later this month. The victim identified him as the perpetrator after having seen the suspect, who was wearing a hat, for around ten seconds. In light of this fact, Smith’s attorney requested a … Continue reading

New York Times Feature Calls Shaken-Baby Convictions into Question

Last Sunday, the New York Times Magazine’s cover story explored how diagnoses of shaken-baby syndrome are now being called into question, and the legal implications for those who have been convicted of injuring or killing children through shaking. For years, … Continue reading

“A sad case of the wrong guy locked up”: VA Man Hopes to Be Released After 27 Years

Cleared by DNA in two of the cases for which he’s been charged, Thomas Haynesworth has spent 27 years in prison for rape and other attacks, maintaining his innocence all the while. He is unable to be cleared of two … Continue reading

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Death Row Inmate To be Retried Within 120 Days or Released

For 26 years, James Lambert has been on death row proclaiming his innocence of a 1982 murder. Yesterday, the Third Circuit Court of Appeals ordered that if the Commonwealth does not retry him within 120 days, he “shall be released.” … Continue reading

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Sheriff-Ordered Analysis Finds “Unguided Missile” Investigation Led to Wrongful Arrest of Father in Daughter’s Death

Early in the morning of June 6, 2004, three-year-old Riley Fox was abducted from her home in Wilmington, IL, sexually assaulted, and drowned in a nearby creek. Her father, Kevin, ‘confessed’ to the crime under police coercion and spent eight … Continue reading

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