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“Conviction” Opens in Theaters October 15th

On September 28th, numerous supporters of the Pennsylvania Innocence Project attended a preview screening of the film “Conviction” at the Ritz 5 Theater in Philadelphia. Conviction stars Hilary Swank, Minnie Driver, Melissa Leo, and Sam Rockwell and is directed by … Continue reading

Alibi Doesn’t Protect Innocent Philadelphia Teen from 5 Months’ Incarceration

Even a videotaped alibi didn’t prevent Lionel Franks, an 18 year-old high school senior, from being incarcerated for five months for an attempted murder he didn’t commit. Before his arrest in April 2009, Franks was a strong student months away … Continue reading

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Texas Commission Rejects “No Negligence” Insists on Expert Testimony

Last summer, internationally known fire dynamics expert Craig Beyler submitted a scathing report to the Texas Forensic Science Commission reviewing the evidence in the case of Cameron Todd Willingham, who was executed in 2004 for supposedly setting fire to his … Continue reading