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Should DNA databases include profiles of innocent people?

In an editorial in the LA Times, Osagie K. Obasogie warned against the dangers of collecting and retaining DNA from arrestees who are not convicted of a crime. Obasogie pointed out that a number of states, including California and Ohio, … Continue reading

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Ohio leads the way with DNA-testing law

As the Pennsylvania Wrongful Conviction Commission prepares to release its report later this spring, the Pennsylvania Innocence Project is glad to see other states making the kind of progress we hope to see here. As reported by Jim Siegel of … Continue reading

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Prosecutor: “…we convicted the wrong guy, and that’s terrifying,”

In a recent editorial in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Linda Campbell profiled the case of a prosecutor who did everything right, but still wound up sending an innocent man to prison. According to Campbell’s report, Brooks Harrington, an ordained minister … Continue reading

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DNA tests ordered in Oliver case

A joint effort between the Innocence Project (of New York) and the Pennsylvania Innocence Project has secured DNA testing for Scott Oliver. Oliver was convicted in 1991 for the 1989 murder and rape of 11-year-old Melissa Jaroschak in Easton. After … Continue reading

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Pennsylvania Judge orders state police to pay for DNA testing

For most convicted criminal defendants hoping to prove their innocence, securing judicially mandated DNA testing of physical evidence is often a huge victory in their case. But, unfortunately for James P. Huntley, that initial judge order was not enough to … Continue reading

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Florida’s struggle to establish an innocence commission continues

Last week, according to a report by Shoshana Walter of The Ledger, the Florida State Supreme Court rejected State Senator Mike Haridopolos’ petition to establish a state funded and independent innocence commission. In a letter to Haridopolos, State Supreme Court … Continue reading

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